Top 98 Best Acupuncture Keywords in 2024

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Top 98 Acupuncture Keywords for SEO & PPC

What acupuncture keywords should you be targeting? Discover the best acupuncture keywords to use for PPC and SEO. Find acupuncture keywords with the highest search volume and get insights into the search queries your customers use the most.
KeywordsMonthly SearchesCost Per Click
dry acupuncture74,000$4.37
fertility acupuncture near me6,600$4.94
best acupuncture near me4,400$3.01
modern acupuncture3,600$4.51
ear acupuncture2,900$3.73
facial acupuncture2,900$3.00
acupuncture massage near me2,400$2.84
chinese acupuncture2,400$3.00
chinese acupuncture near me2,400$2.66
acupuncture cupping1,900$2.40
acupuncture cost1,600$2.57
cosmetic acupuncture1,600$2.77
tcm acupuncture1,300$3.04
veterinary acupuncture1,300$2.56
veterinary acupuncture near me1,300$2.77
acupuncture cost near me1,000$2.03
acupuncture treatment1,000$3.37
acupuncture wellness center1,000$2.68
foot acupuncture1,000$4.17
licensed acupuncturist1,000$3.11
acupuncture prices880$2.14
balancing acupuncture880$3.84
meridian acupuncture880$4.63
prenatal acupuncture near me880$4.39
acupuncture cupping near me720$3.80
acupuncture doctor720$3.34
acupuncture therapy near me720$2.53
electro acupuncture near me720$2.92
electroacupuncture near me720$2.92
japanese acupuncture720$2.61
prenatal acupuncture720$4.47
acupuncture healing center590$1.36
best acupuncture590$3.42
holistic acupuncture590$2.42
scalp acupuncture590$4.29
tmj acupuncture near me590$3.60
acupuncture in my area480$2.55
acupuncture nearby480$3.07
korean acupuncture480$2.28
vagus nerve acupuncture480$3.51
acupuncture detox390$13.71
acupuncture doctor near me390$2.56
acupuncture face lift390$2.97
back acupuncture390$3.51
facial rejuvenation acupuncture390$2.67
licensed acupuncturist near me390$2.81
local acupuncture390$2.56
multiple sclerosis acupuncture390$6.02
wellness acupuncture390$3.79
acupuncture health center320$2.57
china acupuncture clinic320$1.43
chinese acupuncture center320$1.85
evolve acupuncture320$2.84
korean acupuncture near me320$2.99
natural acupuncture320$3.97
vitality acupuncture320$3.65
acupuncture center260$2.37
certified acupuncturist near me260$2.64
chinese medicine acupuncture260$3.51
dry needling acupuncture260$3.93
esoteric acupuncture260$4.26
holistic acupuncture near me260$3.11
japanese acupuncture near me260$2.55
oriental acupuncture260$2.69
orthopedic acupuncture260$3.12
pediatric acupuncture260$2.79
postpartum acupuncture260$4.41
acupuncture places near me210$2.61
acupuncture services210$3.42
acupuncture wellness210$3.38
body acupuncture210$2.34
classical acupuncture210$6.98
muscle strain acupuncture210$5.62
traditional acupuncture210$3.26
traditional chinese acupuncture210$2.57
acupuncture physician170$3.11
acupuncture studio170$3.82
align acupuncture170$2.53
bell's palsy acupuncture170$5.73
certified acupuncturist170$3.32
pediatric acupuncture near me170$3.21
fertility acupuncture cost140$3.33
full body acupuncture140$2.75
neck acupuncture140$4.44
tcm acupuncture near me140$2.71
acupuncture treatment cost110$2.53
knee acupuncture110$4.42
upright acupuncture110$5.10
acupuncture medicine90$3.06
acupuncture specialist near me90$2.55
acupuncture physiotherapy70$2.70
physio acupuncture70$2.70
traditional chinese acupuncture near me70$2.47
acupuncture practitioner50$3.13
best acupuncture clinic near me50$2.35
best acupuncture doctor near me20$1.95
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