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Top 29 Chiropractor Keywords in 2024

Looking for the best chiropractic keywords to get more clients and drive revenue? Discover the top chiropractor keywords for PPC, Google Ads, and SEO!

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What are the best keywords for chiropractors?

As a chiropractor, your ability to reach new clients increasingly hinges on your online visibility. And at the source of this visibility? Keywords. Think of chiropractic keywords as the bridge between your business and the users searching for your services. By identifying and implementing the most relevant keyword phrases to your chiropractic clinic, you can ensure that your products or services reach the right people at exactly the right time.

Choosing relevant keywords that align with the search intent of your target audience will help you get in front of your ideal customers when it matters most. The more relevant your chiropractic keywords are to your target audience, the more likely you are to attract qualified traffic from users who are ready to purchase. So which keywords will bring you the most qualified traffic? See below for a list of the top 29 chiropractor keywords to use for PPC, Google Ads, SEO, and other digital marketing strategies.

The best chiropractor keywords in 2024

Chiropractor keyword trends over time

Types of chiropractic keywords

The top chiropractic keywords can be categorized into different groups, each targeting a specific stage in the customer journey. Here are the different types of keywords for chiropractors to use, along with a few examples of each:

Broad keywords:

  • Chiropractic
  • Chiropractor
  • Chiropractic care

Service keywords:

  • Chiropractic adjustment
  • Sciatica chiropractor
  • Car accident chiropractor

Informational keywords:

  • What does a chiropractor do?
  • Are chiropractors safe?
  • How much does a chiropractic adjustment cost?

Geo-modified keywords:

  • Chiropractor in [city]
  • Chiropractic center near me

Utilizing chiropractic keywords to grow your clinic

Selecting the best chiropractic keywords to use for your clinic will depend on a variety of different factors, such as your target market, location, competitors, ailments treated, and the services or products you offer. While it’s important to know what the top trending chiropractor keywords are, it’s just as important to use them in creative ways that follow search algorithm guidelines and best practices. Strategic keyword implementation throughout your digital marketing strategies will seek out your ideal clients and bring them directly to you.

Incorporating chiropractic keywords involves more than just inserting them randomly across your website’s content. Here’s how you can effectively use chiropractic keywords to promote your clinic:

  • Utilizing chiropractic keywords in PPC: Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a form of paid advertising that can provide immediate results when it comes to your chiropractic practice showing up online. Popular PPC platforms for chiropractors to advertise on include Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and other social media platforms. For PPC, you bid on the chiropractic keywords of your choosing and your ads will appear almost immediately alongside relevant search results. Every click will cost you money though, so choosing the right keywords to bid on is an important aspect to get the most out of your advertising budget.
  • Utilizing chiropractic keywords in SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) is often thought of as more of a long-term growth marketing strategy for chiropractors. While it’s possible to start ranking fairly quickly for relevant keywords when strategic optimization is properly implemented, SEO typically takes a little longer to climb organic search rankings than PPC (even longer when you aren’t working with an expert). On the bright side, there’s no cost-per-click fee when someone clicks on your website in the search results, making SEO a great option for chiropractors.

Want to find out if you’re using the best chiropractic keywords for your clinic? Request a free PPC audit or SEO audit to find out today!

Top 29 best chiropractor keywords for SEO & PPC

What chiropractor keywords should you be targeting? Discover the best chiropractor keywords to use for PPC and SEO. Find chiropractor keywords with the highest search volume and get insights into the search queries your customers use the most.
KeywordSearch VolumeCost Per Click
chiropractor near me823,000$12.87
chiropractic adjustment12,100$8.87
chiropractic massage8,100$8.00
chiropractic care6,600$10.26
chiropractor massage near me6,600$9.14
chiropractic treatment4,400$9.38
chiropractor prices4,400$5.47
chiropractic activator3,600$7.20
chiropractic benefits3,600$9.25
chiropractic company3,600$11.66
chiropractic services3,600$11.24
chiropractic therapy3,600$10.43
chiropractic adjustment near me2,900$10.02
chiropractic assistant2,900$14.03
benefits of chiropractic care2,400$6.96
chiropractic medicine1,900$10.00
chiropractic adjustment benefits1,300$7.42
chiropractic healing center880$6.06
chiropractic neck pillow880$1.94
chiropractic techniques880$9.94
chiropractic decompression720$9.53
chiropractic laser therapy720$6.69
chiropractic adjustment lower back480$10.00
chiropractor back adjustment480$8.37
chiropractic services near me390$13.65
free chiropractor210$11.87
chiropractor back pain relief170$7.80
effective chiropractic110$8.32


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PPC isn’t rocket science. Get actionable insights on ways you can improve your website’s search engine optimization score. Discover how well your website ranks, what drives traffic, and where improvements are needed.


Get a Free SEO Audit

SEO isn’t rocket science. Get actionable insights on ways you can improve your website’s search engine optimization score. Discover how well your website ranks, what drives traffic, and where improvements are needed.