Top 100 Best Day Spa Keywords in 2024

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Top 100 Day Spa Keywords for SEO & PPC

What Day Spa Keywords for SEO & PPC keywords should you be targeting? Discover the best Day Spa keywords to use for PPC and SEO. Find Day Spa keywords with the highest search volume and get insights into the search queries your customers use the most.
KeywordsMonthly SearchesCost Per Click
spas close to me823,000$1.47
day spa90,500$1.09
korean spas near me40,500$0.89
spa day27,100$1.12
spa days near me14,800$1.13
renew day spa12,100$1.98
couples spa day6,600$1.12
couples spa day near me5,400$1.15
best day spa near me4,400$1.18
spa day packages near me4,400$1.18
spa deals for couples4,400$1.21
7 day spa3,600$1.03
massage day spa3,600$1.27
new day spa3,600$1.82
tranquility day spa3,600$2.80
good massage spa near me2,900$1.24
relaxation day spa2,900$1.73
good day spa2,400$1.34
mother daughter spa day2,400$1.12
polished day spa2,400$0.85
rejuvenation day spa2,400$3.16
all day spa near me1,900$1.03
full day spa packages1,900$1.08
spa day for men1,900$1.11
all day spa1,600$1.02
day massage1,600$1.41
day spa retreat1,600$0.73
full day spa near me1,600$1.08
massage spa nearby1,600$1.46
retreat day spa1,600$0.73
at home spa day1,300$0.35
couples spa day packages1,300$1.18
foot massage spa near me1,300$1.12
all inclusive spas near me1,000$1.07
day spa with hot tub1,000$1.30
luxury day spa near me1,000$1.11
massage day spa near me1,000$1.39
new day massage1,000$1.15
spa experience near me1,000$1.20
day spa with pool880$1.08
luxury day spa880$1.32
luxury spa days880$1.32
day spa with hot tub near me720$1.38
mother daughter spa day near me720$1.28
vacation day spa720$0.80
day spa with pool near me590$1.20
group spa day590$0.96
healing day spa590$1.24
refinement day spa590$2.81
skin day spa590$1.08
best spa packages near me480$1.41
full spa480$1.15
local massage spas480$1.36
new massage spa near me480$1.02
salon day spa480$2.42
bridal spa packages390$1.20
couples spa day packages near me390$1.17
couples spa treatment390$1.25
luxury massage spa near me390$1.15
oriental day spa390$3.33
spa for women near me390$1.14
beach day spa320$0.71
best spa places near me320$1.39
local spa days320$1.21
medical day spa320$4.55
spa day for 2320$1.17
spa near my location320$1.57
top day spa320$1.14
wellness day spa320$1.20
full spa treatment260$1.49
groupon spa days260$0.91
best spa treatments210$1.51
one day spa210$1.15
organic day spa210$1.54
spa packages for two210$1.22
a day spa170$1.06
best spa days170$1.19
best spa packages170$1.50
couples massage spa packages170$1.94
full spa experience170$0.93
holistic day spa170$1.71
rest day spa140$1.37
full massage spa near me110$1.14
half day spa packages near me110$1.08
spa near me prices110$0.93
half day spa packages90$1.21
spa day for 2 near me90$1.10
spa day specials90$0.99
spa for two near me70$1.30
best spa deals50$1.26
best spa deals near me50$1.19
body spa massage near me50$1.53
full massage places near me50$1.06
spa full service near me50$1.06
full body massage spa day40$0.93
best body massage spa near me30$0.96
body massage spa near me price30$0.83
spa day for one30$1.21
spa day for 410$1.00
spa weekend for two10$0.87
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