Top 96 Best DUI Attorney Keywords in 2024

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Top 96 DUI Attorney Keywords for SEO & PPC

What DUI Attorney Keywords for SEO & PPC keywords should you be targeting? Discover the best DUI Attorney keywords to use for PPC and SEO. Find DUI Attorney keywords with the highest search volume and get insights into the search queries your customers use the most.
KeywordsMonthly SearchesCost Per Click
dui lawyer74,000$62.27
attorney dui near me60,500$45.74
drunk driver accident lawyer5,400$61.82
best dwi lawyer3,600$54.73
criminal defense attorney dui3,600$72.45
dui defence lawyer3,600$72.45
dui defense attorneys3,600$72.45
dui defense lawyers3,600$72.45
dui lawyer best3,600$54.73
good dui attorney3,600$54.73
good dui attorney near me3,600$42.63
good dwi lawyers3,600$54.73
top rated dui attorneys3,600$54.73
top rated dui lawyers3,600$54.73
attorneys for dui charges2,400$33.95
dui accident lawyer2,400$102.66
dui attorney cost2,400$33.95
dui defense attorney cost2,400$33.95
dui lawyer cost2,400$33.95
dwi lawyers cost2,400$33.95
owi lawyer cost2,400$33.95
dui dwi attorney1,900$60.07
dui defense attorney near me1,300$49.84
affordable dui attorneys1,000$30.00
affordable dui lawyers1,000$30.00
affordable dwi lawyers1,000$30.00
low cost dui attorney1,000$30.00
low cost dui lawyer1,000$30.00
owi attorney1,000$24.77
owi lawyer1,000$24.77
law firm dui720$48.18
dui defense590$22.94
dui lawyer scottsdale590$124.86
felony dui lawyer590$88.69
felony dwi attorney590$88.69
first offense dui lawyer cost590$32.95
columbia dui attorney480$23.70
dui lawyer huntsville480$25.54
dui attorney la390$50.63
dwi defense lawyer390$55.83
mesa dui lawyer390$150.06
chandler dui lawyer320$147.42
vista criminal defense attorney320$34.41
dui lawyer springfield260$13.17
columbus ovi attorney170$51.58
columbus ovi lawyer170$51.58
dui attorney long beach170$104.31
dui lawyer long beach170$104.31
affordable dui attorney near me140$35.57
local dui attorneys140$47.25
top dui attorneys near me140$35.07
top gun dui attorney140$16.38
criminal lawyer dui110$50.78
dui lawyer gilbert110$95.93
gilbert dui lawyer110$95.93
top rated dui lawyers near me110$34.74
dui lawyer cost near me90$37.26
federal dui lawyer90$9.13
2nd dui lawyer70$91.29
bellevue dui attorney70$99.24
dui charges lawyer70$21.33
dui criminal defense attorney70$63.51
dui immigration lawyer70$13.90
dui lawyer lake county70$46.58
duii attorney70$66.70
dwi criminal defense attorney70$63.51
lake county dui attorney70$46.58
lake county dui lawyers70$46.58
lawyers dui near me70$48.25
surprise dui lawyer70$106.48
best dwi50$34.01
best lawyer for dui near me50$27.61
best ovi lawyers near me50$45.07
first dui lawyer50$38.83
first offense dui lawyer50$22.42
top rated dui attorneys near me50$38.40
dui attorneys in my area40$34.86
dui specialist attorney near me40$61.07
the best dui lawyer40$51.83
dui lawyer consultation30$75.90
washington county dui attorney30$14.77
drug dui attorney20$63.34
dui defense cost20$39.22
dui lawyer montgomery county20$38.51
dui lawyers in20$30.50
first time dui lawyer20$38.31
goodyear dui attorney20$172.50
second offense dui lawyer20$54.28
criminal defense dui lawyer10$47.84
dui appeal lawyers10$40.13
felony dui lawyer cost10$51.72
lawyers specializing in dui10$51.10
misdemeanor dui lawyer10$26.66
paul burglin attorney10$12.14
the dui lawyer10$42.56
yelp dui lawyer10$18.67
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