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Top 31 Lawn Care Keywords for PPC & SEO in 2024

Looking for the best lawn care keywords to grow your business? Discover the top 31 lawn care keywords for PPC, Google Ads, and SEO in 2024!

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Top 31 Best Lawn Care Keywords for SEO & PPC

What lawn care keywords should you be targeting? Discover the best lawn care keywords to use for PPC and SEO. Find lawn care keywords with the highest search volume and get insights into the search queries your customers use the most.
KeywordSearch VolumeCost Per Click
lawn service165,000$6.02
lawn mowing service near me90,500$3.92
lawn mowing service90,500$2.41
lawn care services near me90,500$4.03
lawn maintenance near me90,500$4.19
cheap lawn care near me90,500$3.66
yard maintenance services74,000$3.86
residential lawn care near me74,000$2.80
spring green lawn service60,500$2.40
grass care companies60,500$6.06
garden maintenance services near me60,500$4.60
lawn dethatching service60,500$3.86
best lawn service40,500$5.92
lawn and garden services near me33,100$3.76
lawn cutting near me33,100$2.91
best lawn service33,100$1.65
mowing companies near me33,100$2.91
lawn care treatment near me33,100$1.65
mowing companies near me27,100$2.54
residential lawn service22,200$5.80
affordable lawn service near me18,100$1.00
grass treatment companies near me18,100$3.26
affordable lawn care service near me12,100$2.68
lawn care treatment near me6,600$4.71
residential lawn service6,600$2.31
affordable lawn service near me6,600$8.91
lawn and garden care near me6,600$3.03
grass cutting companies6,600$2.09
all natural lawn care6,600$3.72
local lawn mowing services near me6,600$1.85
custom lawn care near me6,600$5.19
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