Top 71 Best Massage Therapy Keywords in 2024

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Top 71 Massage Therapy Keywords for SEO & PPC

What Massage Therapy Keywords for SEO & PPC keywords should you be targeting? Discover the best Massage Therapy to use for PPC and SEO. Find Massage Therapy keywords with the highest search volume and get insights into the search queries your customers use the most.
KeywordsMonthly SearchesCost Per Click
massage near me3,350,000$1.75
massage places near me301,000$1.46
massage spa246,000$1.27
foot massage201,000$0.97
massage therapy near me201,000$2.43
massage therapy165,000$3.32
couples massage135,000$1.41
couples massage near me135,000$1.45
deep tissue massage74,000$1.64
back massage60,500$0.84
chinese massage near me60,500$1.00
deep tissue massage near me60,500$1.95
reflexology near me60,500$1.45
best massage near me49,500$1.51
myofascial release49,500$3.11
foot reflexology40,500$0.99
full body massage near me40,500$1.17
massage nearby40,500$1.49
scalp massage near me40,500$1.05
massage places33,100$1.49
face massage near me27,100$1.89
facial and massage near me27,100$1.89
head massage27,100$0.96
sports massage near me27,100$2.76
best massage places near me22,200$1.33
cheap massage near me22,200$1.17
good massage places near me22,200$1.33
therapeutic massage22,200$1.97
body massage18,100$1.27
head massage near me18,100$1.05
back massage near me14,800$2.43
best massager14,800$1.38
medical massage near me14,800$2.47
myofascial release near me14,800$3.27
chiropractic massage near me9,900$5.10
massage centers near me9,900$1.15
medical massage9,900$2.11
swedish massage near me9,900$1.36
chiropractic massage8,100$4.21
groupon massage8,100$1.54
licensed massage therapist8,100$4.53
neck massage near me8,100$2.16
now massage8,100$4.82
percussion massager8,100$0.91
plantar fasciitis massage8,100$0.94
trigger point massage8,100$2.23
neck massage6,600$1.72
private massage therapist near me6,600$1.25
shiatsu foot massager6,600$1.09
best massage therapist near me5,400$2.01
foot massager spa5,400$0.69
massage service near me5,400$1.49
massage now4,400$7.11
local massage3,600$1.36
massage today near me3,600$2.40
massage deals near me2,900$1.60
tmj massage near me2,900$2.84
cheap massage places near me2,400$1.04
home massage service2,400$1.71
massage for pregnant women2,400$1.45
shiatsu back massager2,400$0.57
in home massage therapist near me1,900$2.16
massage today1,600$2.41
registered massage therapist near me880$1.82
remedial massage880$2.01
home massage service near me720$1.85
massage centre480$0.98
registered massage therapist480$4.88
remedial massage near me210$2.96
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