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Top 30 Best Pest Control Keywords in 2024

Looking for the best pest control keywords to target for your business? Discover the top pest control keywords for PPC, Google Ads, and SEO!

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The Importance of Choosing The Best Pest Control Keywords

When it comes to your pest control business, the battle isn’t just against insects and rodents. It’s also about taking over the online landscape to get ahead of your competitors and in front of your ideal customers. But how can you do this? Drive more customers to your business by targeting the best pest control keywords!

Choosing the right pest control keywords is like laying out bait for potential customers. The more relevant keywords are to your target audience, the more likely you are to attract the right kind of clicks and conversions. Researching and finding the top pest control keywords to target can feel like a daunting task, but we’ve done the groundwork for you. See below for a list of the top 30 pest control keywords to use for PPC, Google Ads, and SEO!

Using Top Pest Control Keywords to Grow Your Business

So how can you use the top pest control keywords to grow your own business? Pest control keywords are utilized to drive more revenue on popular digital marketing channels, including:

  • PPC for Pest Control: Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising provides instant results when it comes to targeting pest control keywords. This includes Google Ads and social ads, such as Facebook advertising. For PPC, you bid on popular keywords that matter to your business and your ads will appear almost immediately alongside relevant search results. Every click will cost you money though, so choosing the right keywords is crucial for getting the most out of your advertising spend.
  • SEO for Pest Control: Search engine optimization (SEO) is thought of as more of a long-term marketing strategy for pest control companies. While it’s possible to start ranking fairly quickly for pest control keywords when strategic tactics are used, SEO usually takes a little longer to climb organic search rankings. But on the upside, all traffic earned through organic search is free!

It’s important to not only know what the top trending pest control keywords are, but also utilize them in a strategic way to drive more revenue. Request a free PPC audit or SEO audit to find out if you’re properly using the best possible keywords for your business!

Top 90 Best Pest Control Keywords in 2024

What pest control keywords should you be targeting? Discover the best pest control keywords to use for PPC and SEO. Find pest control keywords with the highest search volume and get insights into the search queries your customers use the most.
KeywordsMonthly SearchesCost Per Click
exterminator pest control near me246,000$19.16
pest and rodent control near me246,000$19.16
pest control exterminator near me246,000$19.16
pest control near me246,000$19.16
pest exterminator near me246,000$19.16
pest fumigation near me246,000$19.16
pest killer near me246,000$19.16
pest management near me246,000$19.16
pest control201,000$33.25
insect control services74,000$18.88
pest extermination services74,000$18.88
pest treatment services74,000$18.88
pesticide control service74,000$18.88
pests control services74,000$18.88
termite treatment40,500$22.80
pest control and rodent control22,200$18.63
rodent exterminator22,200$18.63
rodent pest control22,200$18.63
termite inspection22,200$26.79
insect control companies18,100$18.87
pesticides services18,100$19.46
rodent control18,100$32.29
insect control services near me14,800$19.52
pesticide control service near me14,800$19.52
rodent control services near me14,800$19.52
termite control14,800$25.26
bee removal12,100$18.83
mice exterminator12,100$23.53
mouse pest control near me12,100$17.47
rat exterminator12,100$30.00
ant exterminator9,900$28.93
ant control8,100$22.00
pest control companies near me8,100$19.36
rodent and pest control near me8,100$19.29
rodent control near me8,100$19.29
wasp nest removal8,100$13.94
bee exterminator6,600$21.00
bug exterminator6,600$19.07
bug pest control near me6,600$18.73
insect and pest control near me6,600$18.73
insect pest control near me6,600$18.73
local bug exterminator6,600$18.61
local exterminators6,600$18.61
local insect control6,600$18.61
local pest control6,600$18.61
local pest exterminators6,600$18.61
local pest removal6,600$18.61
rat control6,600$26.40
best pest control5,400$15.53
best pest exterminator5,400$15.53
mouse exterminator5,400$23.40
pest inspection5,400$30.00
rodent removal5,400$34.48
mice and rodent control4,400$13.03
affordable pest control near me3,600$15.22
bug and pest control near me3,600$19.03
bug control near me3,600$19.03
commercial exterminators3,600$21.41
commercial pest control3,600$21.41
exterminator pest control3,600$19.37
pest control for rats3,600$16.34
pest control in my area3,600$18.78
pest exterminator3,600$19.37
pest exterminators in my area3,600$18.78
rat and rodent control3,600$16.32
rat rodent control3,600$16.32
rodent control in my area3,600$18.78
rodent exterminator near me3,600$18.55
mice control2,900$25.00
mouse control2,900$21.41
cockroach control1,900$18.12
mice control services390$18.97
mouse control services390$18.97
pest removal services390$16.65
pest removal services near me390$21.62
rat and mice control390$16.01
rat and mouse control390$16.01
rat and mouse exterminator390$16.01
rat mice control390$16.01
mice and rat exterminator320$18.45
rat control services320$18.94
rodent removal services210$20.23
emergency rodent removal140$17.99
mice control services near me110$26.83
pest inspection company90$23.02
professional rodent removal90$7.36
24 hour rat exterminator near me50$12.62
best rat control company near me50$28.17
rat control companies near me50$20.49


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