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Stay ahead of the competition and dominate your target market with our winning ad strategies. We’ll help boost your brand recognition and increase qualified leads.

Track, Learn, & Optimize

Our powerful dashboard allows us to track performance in real-time, learn what drives the most clicks, and better optimize your ad campaigns to get you the best ROI.

Target Your Ideal Customers

Get the customers that matter most to your business. We create highly targeted PPC ads that attract the right people to your products or services at the right time.

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It pays to be where your ideal customers are spending their time. Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience online. SERPWARS is a leading PPC agency that helps companies of all sizes achieve their marketing goals and grow their revenue through strategic paid advertising campaigns. We provide expert PPC management services for Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and more. Request a free PPC audit to find out how we can help you get the most out of your ad spend.


PPC isn’t rocket science. Get actionable insights on ways you can improve your website’s search engine optimization score. Discover how well your website ranks, what drives traffic, and where improvements are needed.


What's included in PPC Management?

Professional PPC management services to grow your business

Advanced market research to identify the most relevant keywords and phrases. We choose the best keywords to target for your PPC campaigns based on relevancy to your products or services, popularity, competition, cost-effectiveness, and more.

Track key performance indicators that are actually important to your business, such as phone calls, form submissions, or online bookings. We provide monthly reports to measure the effectiveness of your paid advertising efforts.

Stay ahead of your competition by always staying in the know. Track your top competitors, monitor what is and isn’t working well for them, reveal new opportunities to take advantage of, and gain a competitive edge.

Monitor and analyze key performance metrics that are important to your business. View real-time data from our custom reporting dashboard and get insights into how your PPC campaigns are progressing over time.

First impressions matter. This is why we create custom landing pages that are designed and proven to convert paid traffic into qualified leads. We utilize compelling offers and call-to-actions to capture valuable lead information.

Captivate your target audience with compelling ad copy and creative development. Create persuasive PPC ads that engage users, establish trust and credibility, and influence them to contact your business.

We create compelling PPC campaigns that capture your customers’ attention, encourage greater engagement with visually appealing creatives, and enhance visibility through relevant ad extensions.

Get the most out of your PPC campaigns with expert bid management. We set and manage bids for each relevant keyword target, ensure your campaigns are aligned with your marketing budget, and make strategic decisions to optimize spending for maximum ROI.

Stop wasting ad spend on useless clicks. Improve qualified lead acquisition rates and grow your sales opportunity pipeline. We help you attract and engage qualified leads, aka your ideal customers who are the most likely to buy your products or services.

Conduct A/B split tests to compare different elements of your PPC advertising campaigns, such as ad copy, headlines, images, CTAs, etc. Identify which variations perform better and drive the most qualified leads.

Retarget users who have previously visited your website or clicked on one of your PPC ads, but did not convert. Remarketing ads encourage users to return and complete a desired action.

Refine and improve your PPC campaigns over time. We use data-driven insights to make continuous adjustments to your campaigns, seize new opportunities for growth, adapt to changing market trends, and stay ahead of your competition.


Trusted by 500+ startups, entrepreneurs, and SMBs

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We are proud to be official 2024 Google Partners. We are certified at an expert level in all Google Ads platforms including Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video / YouTube, Google Shopping / Product Listing Ads (PLAs), Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Web Designer, and more!

With expertise rooted in over 10+ years of industry experience, our team of seasoned PPC specialists have a proven track record of success in driving measurable results. We know what it takes to increase qualified conversions for businesses across various industries and paid advertising channels.

From dentists to travel agencies and everything in between, we’ve worked with just about every industry imaginable. Whether you’re a software startup that needs to drive revenue or a local business that needs help with Google Ads, we will set up the ideal PPC campaigns to help you reach your business goals.

There are no contracts for our PPC management services. We proudly stand by our work and don’t feel the need to lock clients into a contract they feel stuck in. Instead of the empty promises of a contract, we focus our efforts on doing the work that brings our clients actual results.

Use hyper-targeted inbound marketing to create a profound online presence and get found by potential customers in your market. We provide tailored PPC solutions across many different advertising channels to attract the best clients to your products and services.