Top 96 Best SaaS Keywords

What are the best keywords for SaaS companies? Discover the top SaaS keywords for SEO, Google Ads, and PPC in 2024.

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Top 96 SaaS Keywords for SEO & PPC

What are the most popular keywords for SaaS? See the list below for the top 96 SaaS keywords for Google Ads, PPC, and SEO. Discover the best SaaS keywords with the highest monthly search volume and the average cost-per-click for each phrase. Relevant SaaS keywords with the highest search volume and the lowest CPC have the potential to attract the most new customers to your business.
KeywordsMonthly SearchesCost Per Click
saas services12,100$8.54
saas software as a service12,100$8.54
software as a service12,100$8.54
saas company9,900$8.70
saas software3,600$9.79
b2b saas2,900$13.22
saas products2,900$6.61
iaas paas saas2,400$5.38
saas platform2,400$11.72
saas business1,600$7.47
saas cloud1,600$8.88
saas in cloud computing1,600$8.88
saas solutions1,600$8.19
white label saas1,600$7.54
top saas companies1,300$8.53
saas business model1,000$4.65
saas model1,000$6.91
saas application880$8.96
b2b saas companies720$10.46
enterprise saas720$11.81
saas alerts720$2.37
saas environment590$3.21
saas pricing590$16.42
saas security590$22.19
saas website590$10.73
aws saas480$7.95
crm saas480$17.50
saas management480$35.63
ecommerce saas390$9.70
saas system390$7.43
best saas companies320$11.87
best saas websites320$15.48
erp saas320$39.82
saas cfo320$15.27
saas security posture management320$57.88
salesforce saas320$11.24
saas development260$26.08
saas management platform260$92.76
saas subscription260$24.94
azure saas210$8.66
datto saas210$14.31
gohighlevel saas210$11.27
high level saas210$8.09
oracle saas210$4.84
project management saas210$50.92
saas analytics210$45.88
saas cms210$8.84
saas development company210$42.93
tropic saas210$13.05
b2b software companies170$14.79
saas product management170$14.11
saas subscription management170$74.44
white label saas software170$9.70
gitlab saas140$10.52
best saas110$17.22
saas integration platform110$22.48
saas monitoring110$16.46
saas operations110$7.08
servicenow saas110$16.22
customer service saas90$29.06
datto saas defense90$13.59
saas data analytics90$10.44
saas management software90$95.51
saas pricing model90$15.65
dam saas70$43.64
dynatrace saas70$21.53
inventory management saas70$47.07
saas subscription management software70$99.53
saas ticketing system70$43.15
saas user management70$12.56
saas vendor management70$49.19
asset management saas50$44.68
best crm for saas50$29.31
esg saas50$19.28
gong saas50$14.50
lumos saas50$14.23
mdm saas50$15.59
outreach saas50$18.74
torii saas50$38.50
etl saas40$16.95
segment saas40$40.03
amplitude saas30$4.11
freshservice saas management30$29.71
netsuite saas30$82.38
qlik sense saas30$31.25
saas erp software30$39.59
saas invoicing software30$123.83
sage saas30$53.00
torii saas management30$53.31
zluri pricing30$26.14
zylo pricing30$30.27
deel saas10$25.16
pantheon saas platform10$13.30
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