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Top 34 Window Treatment Keywords for PPC & SEO in 2024

Looking for the best window treatment keywords to grow your business? Discover the top 32 window treatments keywords for PPC, Google Ads, and SEO in 2024!

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Top 98 Best Window Treatment Keywords for SEO & PPC

What window treatment keywords should you be targeting? Discover the best window treatment keywords to use for PPC and SEO. Find window treatment keywords with the highest search volume and get insights into the search queries your customers use the most.
KeywordsMonthly SearchesCost Per Click
window blinds165,000$6.50
roman shades110,000$5.38
plantation shutter90,500$6.02
window and blind90,500$5.39
windows and blinds90,500$5.39
blinds & shades74,000$5.32
blinds & window shades74,000$5.32
curtains in kitchen74,000$1.22
custom blinds shades74,000$5.32
shades for a window74,000$5.32
shades with blinds74,000$5.32
window shades74,000$5.88
window shades & blinds74,000$5.32
window shades and blinds74,000$5.32
windows and shades74,000$5.32
vertical blinds60,500$4.14
window treatments60,500$4.82
living room curtains49,500$1.75
sheer curtains49,500$2.07
window shutters49,500$5.26
curtains for windows40,500$2.33
roller shades40,500$6.31
windows and shutters40,500$4.55
wooden blinds40,500$5.77
faux wood blinds33,100$6.39
window coverings33,100$5.45
blinds levolor27,100$5.86
mini blinds27,100$4.30
valance curtains27,100$1.47
venetian blinds27,100$4.30
window valances27,100$1.69
bamboo shades22,200$3.44
blackout shades22,200$5.14
blinds bamboo22,200$3.23
cellular shades22,200$8.51
sliding door window treatments22,200$2.89
window shades and blinds near me22,200$10.92
window shades blinds near me22,200$10.92
window treatments for sliding glass windows22,200$2.89
wooden shutters22,200$8.56
bay window curtains18,100$2.85
cordless blinds18,100$4.62
curtains for sliding glass doors18,100$1.74
draperies and curtains18,100$2.55
custom blinds14,800$10.01
sliding glass window blinds14,800$2.32
custom blinds for sliding glass doors12,100$3.18
exterior window shades12,100$2.99
sliding glass window shades12,100$3.18
window shades outside12,100$2.99
custom window shades and blinds9,900$13.58
type of window shades8,100$2.93
window coverings for kitchens8,100$3.19
window treatments for kitchens8,100$3.19
custom window6,600$11.85
window coverings for bathrooms5,400$3.24
bay window coverings4,400$3.80
window coverings for bay windows4,400$3.80
window coverings for bedrooms4,400$3.62
window treatments for bay windows4,400$3.80
custom window treatments2,900$11.15
custom blinds and shades2,400$10.77
custom blinds for bay windows2,400$3.91
blinds and curtains1,600$9.69
custom window treatments near me1,600$11.34
best place to buy custom blinds1,300$12.16
best window treatments for sliding glass doors1,000$3.75
blind and window treatments1,000$8.72
blinds window treatments1,000$8.72
custom valances1,000$5.05
window custom blinds1,000$10.99
custom blinds installation720$12.01
window curtains and blinds720$5.03
best curtains for sliding glass door480$1.57
window shades shutters480$12.37
custom window curtains390$7.07
custom blinds & design320$6.04
window blinds for high windows320$5.91
custom blinds for windows near me170$16.51
venetian blinds windows140$3.69
best custom blinds110$18.00
custom blinds & shutters110$7.78
custom made shades70$9.79
custom made window treatments70$8.67
window blinds installation services70$12.60
window shades installation near me70$15.78
custom blinds and installation30$14.75
custom blinds in my area20$14.20
custom blinds installation near me20$19.42
best blinds and shutters near me10$16.39
best blinds installation10$29.18
blinds for custom windows10$7.54
blinds for new windows10$7.65
custom made shades and blinds10$10.04
good quality window blinds10$6.26
the best window treatments10$3.72


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